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Art and the Enamel Industry w/ Kat Cole

We are thrilled to introduce a series of guest posts by the enamel artist Kat Cole.

Cole, who has been making distinctive enameled steel jewelry, met Center for Enamel Art founder Judy Stone last year when Cole taught a Radical Enameling workshop for the Center. Stone encouraged Cole to explore the expanded use of industrial materials in her work, and connected her to KVO Industries, a partner of the Center for Enamel Art, where Cole created a large sculptural piece. Cole’s posts give insight into her practice and process as she brings a new scale to her work.

We will begin republishing her entries next week. Join us, and her, as she learns to think big!

A Little History

Edward Winter Mexico

Edward Winter, “Mexico,” enamel, 1940. Cleveland Museum of Art

Enameling–technically defined as glass bonded to metal–can take many forms. Read More →