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A Wealth of Experience: Pat Johnson’s Landmark Book, Enamelling on Copper

 Enamelling on Copper by Pat Johnson

Crowood Press

reviewed by Judy Stone


The simple title, Enamelling on Copper, suggests the two most important aspects of this landmark book. Pat Johnson, who lives in the UK, has written a book that draws directly on her wealth of experience with enamel and its interactions with her chosen metal substrate, copper. Perhaps most significantly, she takes the oft-denigrated technique of sifting, or enamel layering using dry applications, and re-introduces it to young enamelists. Read More →

Scott Ellis: Bringing New Growth to an Old Industry

For most businessmen, enameling is an obscure craft. But Scott Ellis has family connections to the industry, and he understood its appeal–and its potential as a business opportunity. His online business,, started as a clearinghouse for surplus enamels, but has expanded to carry an extraordinary range of foreign-made, specialty, and out-of-production enamels. Here, as part of our Tools and Supplies series, Ellis discusses the evolution of his business and how he plans to make life easier for the production artist.


Scott Ellis with some of his stock of out-of-production enamels that he sells on his website,

Center for Enamel Art: How did you get started with your business?

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