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“I was tempted by the colors, but I stayed for the lack of control”

With this post we continue our interviews with artists from the California Now exhibition at Richmond Art Center. Read the previous interview here


Evelyn Markasky

Evelyn Markasky “became obsessed” with enameling after taking a two-week class with Deborah Lozier at Cabrillo College. Since then she has also taken a Radical Enameling Workshop with Andrew Kuebeck at the Richmond Art Center. She has worked with enamel for about ten years, and prizes its unpredictability. Read More →

“Fearless art is the best art of all”

Over the next few weeks we will post excerpts from interviews with several of the enamel artists in California Now, as well as images of their work. The exhibition runs through August 21st at the Richmond Art Center


Victoria Montgomery

Victoria Montgomery worked primarily in metal until 2009, when, in her final semester at California College of the Arts, she stumbled on enameling in a class with Deborah Lozier. It has been, she says, “a love affair ever since.” Here, she tells us about her approach to her art, why mystery metals are so fun to enamel, and the rewards of being “materialistically rebellious.” Read More →