The Center for Enamel Art, was founded by Judy Stone. The idea for the Center was conceived gradually over many years but the work to begin making it a reality started in July 2012.  The vision for the Center is broad-reaching and ambitious.

The Goals

Our goal is to foster community among enamel artists and art-lovers alike – to preserve and promote the art of enameling.  This Center will be the first-of-its-kind in the U. S. to have a physical space dedicated solely to enameling. Some of the activities that will take place in the Center’s physical space will be:

    • ongoing classes and workshops;
    • the production of large scale works on steel and copper;
    •  scholarly and technical research about all facets of enameling and enamel art;
    • diverse and ongoing enamel exhibitions;
    • meeting rooms to host lectures, symposia, and conferences
    • an artist-in-residency program
    • access to enameling supplies

In the Present

The Center exists now in partnership with several other organizations to produce workshops, exhibitions, and other educational programs for and about enameling in the San Francisco/Bay Area and elsewhere in the U.S.

The Center’s outreach goes well beyond the local and regional arts communities.  Its social media and web presence  includes  a blog, and in the future, webinars, an online store, online exhibitions and images from exhibitions it sponsors in the Bay Area and elsewhere, an accessible digitalized  library,  and much more.

The Center is a non-profit tax except 501(c)3 corporation.  .

Help the Center realize all of its goals by donating now.