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Its goal is to foster community among enamel artists and art-lovers alike to preserve and promote the art of enameling.  This Center will be the first-of-its-kind in the U. S. once it has its own physical space. In the long term the Center will bring greater visibility to enameling as an art form by providing the following:

    • fully equipped classroom spaces to teach enameling
    • a facility to produce large scale works on steel and copper
    • a research library
    • diverse and ongoing enamel exhibitions
    • an onsite enamel supply store
    • meeting rooms and conference capabilities
    • membership benefits
    • an artist-in-residency program
    • a place for enamelists to sell their work
    • partnerships with industry to enable collaboration
    • studio rental space specifically for enamelists

The Center exists now in partnership with several other organizations to produce workshops, exhibitions, and educational programs for and about enameling in the San Francisco/Bay Area.