The Centers programs depend on partnerships which we have formed with arts organizations, schools,  and businesses. The Center for Enamel Art currently produces :


Education is one of the cornerstones of the Center’s mission.  We believe that by expanding knowledge about the medium on all levels we attract enthusiasm to make and collect. Our current workshop series is called Radical Enameling. The series highlights innovative enameling techniques and the use of new materials in the enameling process. Guest instructors are invited to teach 3-day and 4-day workshops.

In 2018 we will be adding a Masters Series of workshops to our workshop schedule. Our first workshop in the series with UK enamelist, Ruth Ball, will take place at the end of March.

The Center’s workshops take place in the facilities of our partners the Crucible,  KVO Industries, Richmond Art Center, and Silvera Jewelry School.

 Lectures and Discussions

The Center’s blog, Share the Heat, contains insightful posts written by several guest writers.  The information is intended to lead to lively online discussions about the state of contemporary enameling in the U. S.


Exhibitions give the medium visibility. The Center strives to produce or co-sponsor at least 1 enamel exhibition in the Bay Area/Northern California annually.

View the latest Center online exhibition featuring artists who have been workshop presenters in the Radical Enameling Workshop series since our beginning in 2014.

The Center has curated a distinctly U.S. exhibition which will be presented in Taiwan as part of what is being called Blaze, April through August, 2018When this exhibition returns to the U.S. The exhibition will then be expanded and presented at the Richmond Art Center in Richmond, CA, Jan. – Feb., 2019.

Large Scale Enameling at KVO Industries

The Center, in partnership with KVO Industries in Santa Rosa, CA, is dedicated to educating artists about the porcelain enamel industry and in building a viable arts/industry collaborative relationship. In 2016 the Center began monthly work days at KVO along with a limited resident artist program allowing artists with specific projects to work inside KVO for 5-7 days. In 2017 the KVO partnership with the Center has expanded to cover 4 3-day weekends plus Mondays for a limited residency program for those who have specific projects they wish to work on.

In 2018, KVO is moving to Rohnert Park, CA. The Center will hopefully have a it’s own workspace and an expanded partnership. Stay Tuned for more information!

We feel that more information we disseminate about industrial enameling and its use by artists can help both the Center and the enamel industry to grow.

Firing in large scale kiln at KVO

Tool and Supply Sales

The Center is glad to receive non-cash contributions  of tools and supplies which we can then resell at quite affordable prices in order to get hard-to-find supplies into enamelists’ hands.

The Center for Enamel Art wishes to thank the Norris Foundation for  the generous contribution to our 2016-2017 programming.