Radical Enameling Workshop – Liquid Form Enamel and Enameling on Steel

with instructor Kat Cole
November 20 -22, 2015 at the Richmond Art Center

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Cole - Construction #1 Brooch

Cole – Construction #1 Brooch

This 3-day workshop is an overview of enameling on steel, specifically the use of liquid form enamel on steel. This class provides the opportunity to many who already use steel in their work, both in jewelry and small-scale sculpture, to explore the unique surface quality, depth, and rich color that enamel has to offer.  Understanding how to mix, apply and fire liquid form enamel on steel provides a variety of options for take-home application including working with 2-D mark-making into the enamel to create panels or to using the sculptural application of spraying or dipping the enamel onto found or fabricated steel surfaces.  There has been limited access to this type of enameling knowledge in the United States, and is in line with the current trends in the art jewelry community with more artists using steel for economic reasons.

Kat Cole received her MFA at East Carolina University and BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and was a Visiting Professor in Metals/Jewelry at Western Michigan University.  Cole is currently a studio artist in Dallas, TX.  She has presented at the Yuma Symposium, exhibited at Schmuck, an international contemporary jewelry exhibition in Munich, Germany and her work can be seen at Facere Art Jewelry Gallery in Seattle WA, Light Art + Design in Chapel Hill, NC and Velvet da Vinci in San Francisco CA.  Cole’s work is in private and public collections including The Museum of Arts and Design in New York City.



Cole - The Land Below-Winter

Cole – The Land Below-Winter


Cole - White Structure Pendant with Dangles Detail

Cole – White Structure Pendant with Dangles Detail

Cole - Double Box Brooch with Chain

Cole – Double Box Brooch with Chain