Workshop- Really Playing With Fire


Instructor: Steve Artz

May 16-18 at The Crucible

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Steve Artz, throughout his long career, has been in the forefront of making inexpensive tools and equipment available to enamelists.  He travels around the country in a very large truck which contains his unique tool cart and a bevy of tools for texturing and forming metal that can then be enameled in his “portable” firing system.

His current focus is on re-purposing inexpensive tools from such sources as Harbor Freight that can be used to create interesting textures on copper. He is experimental in everything he does and teaches. He is eager to spawn experimentation both in metal- forming for enamel and in a variety of enamel applications.

In this workshop he will present fun and economical ways to fuse glass to thin, textured copper. Firing vitreous and porcelain enamel enhances the surface of the textured metal. Artz uses traditional and experimental enameling techniques and fires with Mapp gas torches available at most hardware stores.

He will focus on working in larger format wall pieces but the techniques are also suitable for smaller format work.

Bring your sense of adventure and come play with fire!

Steve Artz, Encinitas, California,  is a master carpenter by trade, who was introduced DSC02352to enamel at CSU San Diego in 1975. He is well known for his use of innovative and inventive tools and techniques. President of both Enamel Guild West and San Diego Enamel Guild and a former trustee of The Enamelist Society. He has taught and still teaches all over the U. S. His work is in collections around the world.


Workshop Hours
: Mon. – Weds., 10 AM to 5 PM , with meal breaksIMG_1246
Cost: $325 plus $30 materials fee

Materials List: Provided upon registration or when ready

Registration: Limited to 12

Refund Policy:

No refunds unless your workshop position can be filled by another person.

Lodging, Meals, Transportation:

Coming from out of town? Check AirBnB, Priceline, and other discounted online lodging sources, The Center will try help you make your stay comfortable and stress free while you are a workshop participant.


Steve Artz