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Looking Back to Look Forward

by Evelyn Markasky

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Detail of Fred Ball piece from the exhibition Little Dreams in Glass and Metal

The Center for Enamel Art is not just a place to take workshops. It also provides opportunities to experience enameling in new and and even life-altering ways. For me, the Center’s bus tour of Fred Ball’s work in Sacramento was this kind of opportunity.

Led by Susan Willoughby, art advisor, long-time leader in the Sacramento art community, and the executor of Ball’s estate, the tour was very well-organized and planned. (Added bonus: We didn’t have to think about driving or parking!) We were taken to some of Ball’s most spectacular public works, Read More →

Part II: What Is Missing From This Picture?

This is the second of our two-part series, Challenges and Opportunities for Artists Who Choose Enamel, an essay by our intern Zhou Zoe Yuan. You can read the first part here.

We welcome comments on this article! Do you agree with the challenges and opportunities described here? What has your own experience been? Post in the comments section below or write us at gro.r1518951462etnec1518951462leman1518951462e@gol1518951462b1518951462



Fred Ball's wall installation Valley Fields at the Raley's corporate headquarters in Sacramento, CA - comprised of many smaller pieces

Visitors admire “Valley Fields,” a large-scale wall installation by Fred Ball, at Raley’s corporate headquarters in Sacramento, CA.

Enamel Exhibitions – Where Are They?

In addition to the dearth of educational resources, another major obstacle facing contemporary enamelists is Read More →